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My name is Demarise Abbett. What I love about flowers is how fleeting they are. They're delicate and vibrant, but they don't last, so they need to be savored. For me, I think much of just being a human is akin to that. If you're not stopping to savor it, what are you doing?

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My Story

point of business, reasonability, access, sustainability, etc 

I started this company accidentally. My training, I had become a teacher. But by way of my family and a collection of part-time jobs, I had acquired flower arranging and gardening as a hobby. As I got to the point in life when my friends started getting married, they asked me to do their wedding florals. Soon it became my friends' siblings' weddings.

My mother was a florist before I was born. She speaks of it fondly. As kids, many of our chores in the summer revolved around the yards, watering plants, tending to the weeds, etc. When I was in college in Indianapolis, my aunt had a job at a local florist. Her two daughters, my younger cousins, also had jobs there while they were in high school and then I joined them. We had a blast. It had become a family affair and it was so much fun. 

I love the fleeting beauty of flowers. Once they're cut from the plant, it's a race against time. I use my arsenal of creativity to share their beauty, whatever the occasion. Flower arrangements are used to savor a milestone, to signify important moments: weddings, opening nights, funerals, holidays, or memorials. I couple my designs with repurposed items: discarded vases, teacups separated from their sets, glass jars collecting dust, or family mementos. I highlight existing beauty in the everyday world with floral design, the same way an artist captures a breathtaking moment in time on a canvas.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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